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Do you want to experience a real job? Do you need help choosing a career path? Do you want to get paid while you attend school? Work Based Learning opportunities exist in every program. Report to work instead of school.
WBL can result in higher paying jobs on DAY 1 of a student completing a program.

Program Courses

Job Shadowing
Students “shadow” (follow) the employee for a specified time to better understand & observe work expectations & requirements of a variety of job tasks. Job shadowing is less intensive than the other WBL methods & is usually the first form of worksite exposure provided to a student.

An internship is a non-paid learning opportunity that provides hands-on experience in a particular industry or occupation related to a student’s career interests, abilities, & goals. The student observes business functions & actively engages with their assigned job role outlined in the training agreement & evaluation plan. The worksite employee is the student’s supervisor.

Co-op Learning
Cooperative Learning (Co-op) is very similar to an Internship except that it is a paid learning experience from the company where the student is employed.

Job Opportunities

Cherokee County
Avg. Weekly Wage $833.00
Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Waste Mgmt, & Transportation

Spartanburg County
Avg. Weekly Wage $1,064.00
Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care

York County
Avg. Weekly Wage $1,106.00
Scientific & Technical Services, Management, Health Care

Cleveland County, NC
Avg. Weekly Wage $956.00
Manufacturing, Administrative Support, Health Care

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